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How will I know if I am overweight? What is my ideal weight?


There are many ways to determine whether a person is overweight. BMI (Body Mass Index) is generally established as a guide for most people as measure of weight status for healthy adults aged 20 – 65.


Is Height to Weight Ratio is the measurement in taking care of body weight?


Only Height to Weight Ratio or BMI is not the only measurement.  The result from Body Composition is the right indication in determining health risk.


What is the difference between fat and cellulite?


Cellulite is formed as a result of abnormal storage of fat in the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue retraction. Poor circulation and water retention also contribute to cellulite.


Can I lose weight just by exercising and dieting?


Yes, exercise and dieting can help you lose weight but it takes a lot of motivation, self control and discipline. Also, the time needed is longer.


If I am big now, won't I look haggard once I lose weight?


Yes and no, depending on the methodology. Starvation diets will cause you to look haggard, because your body is deprived of the necessary nutrients that are essential for good health. 


How can help me lose those extra inches?


UNISENSE™ helps you lose inches through its signature treatment, Ultrasonolipolysis®. This French technology uses low frequency ultrasound treatment to break down stubborn fats in the fat cells into free fatty acids. Once broken down, the free fatty acids are mobile and easily metabolised.


What are the techniques used in ?

Concept of Treatments incorporates Ultrasonolipolysis® and Lymphatic Drainage treatment. Ultrasonolipolysis® breaks down the fats, and then lymphatic drainage facilitates the distribution of the free fatty acids to various parts of the body (kidney, liver and other internal organs). The distributed free fatty acids are used up and eliminated from the body system.

PBC is very good treatment for body contouring.  It is very relaxing since it is a combination of vacuum therapy and deep-tissue massage.


Will I still need to diet and exercise once I've started my treatment?


Yes. For long term weight management, it is imperative to incorporate proper diet and exercise into your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) contributes to a healthy you. Ultrasonolipolysis® helps speed up the process of breaking down fats and enhances what diet and exercise do for you.

Are treatments are for ladies ?

Our treatments are effective to both men and women.


Which are age groups that can undergo treatments ?


People from age of  16 to elders are able to undergo treatments.


Are there any side effects?


No, in its track record of over sixteen years in Europe, there has been no side effects known to date.

How long is the duration for each programme?

This depends very much on individual requirements. However, the size can be reduced right after the first session (0.5 – 2 cm. per point). 


How many sessions will it take for me to slim down?


The results vary with each individual. A body analysis will be conducted to measure the percentage (%) and weight (kg) of your body fat. From the analysis, Unisense's trained consultants will be able to provide professional recommendations and advice to suit the individual's needs.
If you have treatments, be regular and follow the recommendations, you will get a faster improvement.


What is the cost?


It depends on the number of treatment sessions needed. All our treatment courses are customised to suit individual needs.


Is spot reduction possible?


Yes. We have treatments which work effectively.  The treatments are for general weight loss, targeted spot reduction, cellulite reduction/elimination and anti-stretch mark.


Will my progress be monitored closely & how will that be done?


Definitely. Your weight is taken on every visit. Full body measurements and body fat analysis are done after every 3 - 5 sessions.


How many outlets does have?


There are 12 boutiques in Malaysia; 2 boutiques in Singapore; 7 boutiques in Thailand (5 in Bangkok, 1 in Phuket and 1 in Rayong).

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