Facial tissue line
  Toilet tissue line
   Housebrand line
   Customized-order line


     Besides facial tissue, we also supply toilet tissue for home and office users. For home users, we supply toilet roll under “Soft Scent” brand name. The unique characteristic of Soft Scent toilet tissue is that it is made from 2 Ply 100% virgin pulp with the length that is not easily found in the market. For office users or heavy users, we have Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue (JRT) under a brand name called “Coming”.

We use good grade recycle pulp to manufacture JRT in order to maintain high level of softness and hygienic for users. The company also supplies a nice design “Coming” dispenser which is best fit for JRT rolls.

Tissue size
Units/ Carton
Tissue Rolls
2 ply, 80 Metres
10.0 *11.3 cm.
2 ply, 21-50 Metres
10.0 *11.3 cm.
Jumbo Roll Tissues
(Recycle Grade)
2 ply, 300 Metres
1 ply, 600 Metres

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