"BD Straws Co., Ltd.", a Thai-Korean joint venture company, was first established since 1980. Though, at a time, its main markets were only for local supply, the company has grown favorably into more internationalized business environment.
In 1993, its parental company has agreed to take up new technology as well as further developments by joint venturing with its Korean partner, where believed company’s total productivity to be enhanced and fruitfully grew. With strong and progressive leadership viewpoint, BD Straws is now renowned as one of the top-leading straw manufacturing companies in the world as well as Thailand.
At BD Straws, we offer a wide range of drinking straws made of 100% FDA approved PP (Polypropylene), i.e. from the very “industrial straws” for use with an applicator to “regular straws” for use with household, fastfood chains, restaurants, etc.”

Marvin Stone, a manufacturer of paper cigarette holders, created drinking straws in 1888, according to Steven Caney's "Invention Book". Stone, who had a factory in Washington, D.C., enjoyed visiting a tavern after work for his usual drink, a chilled mint julep.

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