At BD Straws, we offer a wide range of drinking straws made of 100% FDA approved PP (Polypropylene), i.e. from the very “industrial straws” for use with an applicator to “regular straws” for use with household, fastfood chains, restaurants, etc.”

While ensuring that our products are made hygienically by practice of GMP & HACCP, we always add little extra to our customers by continuously developing new production lines to the market. This has been made certain as we have our own R&D teams to study the possibility of future innovations along with our Korean partner, whose devotion and know-how to the industry is more than decades. While enjoying the benefits from this excellent relationship and unlimited resources, we are keeping up with the promise to deliver our products to our customers at the very best available technology to date.

(For use with household, fast food chains, restaurants, etc.)

(For use with straw applicator)

(Made-to-order straws)

Specifications/ Packing Info and Color Ranges

Standard Sizes*: -

  Diameter Length
- Straight Straws 3-7 mm. 150-255 mm.
- Flexible Straws 5, 6, 8 mm. 200-240 mm.
- Spoon Straws 6 mm. 200-240 mm.
- Flexible Spoon Straws 6 mm. 200 mm.
- Paper-Wrapped Straws 5, 6 mm. 200-240 mm.
- Film-Wrapped Straws 5, 6 mm. 200-240 mm.
- Super/Artistic Flexible Straws 6 mm. 240-260 mm
- Coffee Stirrers/Muddlers 5, 6 mm. 100-150 mm.
- Bubble Tea Straws 8-12 mm. 150-255 mm.
Color Range*:
- Standard colors White, Black, Brown
- Solid colors Orange , Green, Yellow, Red, Blue,
Pink , Turquoise , Light Green , Violet
- Neon colors Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue
- Metallic colors Gold, Silver, Green, Pink, Blue
- 3-IN-1 colors Violet+Pink+White , Green+Yellow+White ,
- Striped colors on white Blue+Red , Green+Yellow, Blue , Red , Yellow , Green
- Striped colors on transparent Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow
- Translucent Red, Green , Pink , Blue , Orange , Yellow

Packing*: -

- Retail packing in plain or printed poly bags
- Bulk packing in mega cartons
- PP/ PVC/ Cardboard Boxes

* Above are standard size/ color range/ packing details. Customization is available upon request.

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