Thai Hospital Products Company Limited (THP) was established in 1994 and was granted promotional privileges by the Board of Investment in 1996, to manufacture a wide range of hospital products. THP market share is 92% for Export Sales to U.S.A, Japan, Europe, Australia & Others and 8% for Domestic Sales.

Thai Hospital Products Co., Ltd. (THP) is the leading specialist for Medical Disposable and other related products.
Our goal has always been to manufacture the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

We focus on customer business needs, provide leadership in high quality products that clean, care and protect our
customer brand name as the strong point.

With strongly intention to build relationship with customer both of quality and service, we have a creative structure
which be involved with Product Innovation, Service Innovation, Process Innovation and Management Innovation.

Thai Hospital Products Co., Ltd. is the worldwide reputable medical disposable products manufacturer and supplier with
quality standard and the best service.
Creative and Pro-active Team
1. Create and develop market attractive medical disposable products with international standard quality and meet
     international regulation based on reasonable cost.

2. On demand business : Market Adaptability
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